The Versaflow 4 Generation

Making the best even better!

The worldwide leading inline selective soldering system has a name: Ersa VERSAFLOW! Now in its fourth generation, the VERSAFLOW 4 series is equally designed for maximum flexibility in high-volume production as well as in the production of the most demanding small series - with a processing area of 20 x 20 inches, the Ersa flagship meets the highest demands for flexibility and throughput.

With innovative options such as VERSAFLEX and VERSACAM, the VERSAFLOW 4 sets new standards in selective soldering. Thanks to almost unlimited configuration options, the VERSAFLOW 4 meets the highest demands - yours too!

The Ersa VERSAFLOW 4 models:

The ultimate in selective soldering – with the VERSAFLOW 4/55, world market leader Ersa has made inline selective soldering even better.

Developed for big board formats (1.200 x 610 mm), the VERSAFLOW 4 XL offers revolutionary variety and flexibility in a completely new dimensions – naturally at the highest soldering level!


Inline Multiboard detection

X-Y axis system with integrated camera unit allows the recognition of up to nine multicodes and bad boards as well as the direction of the PCB.

Individually adjustable flux heads

Up to four spray heads on two independent axis systems. The application of flux to the PCB is monitored by laser - the result: a safe & highly flexible process with highest throughput.

Industry 4.0

Consistent hardware and software infrastructure. The digital services from Kurtz Ersa can be accessed regardless of location and device and increase the reliability and availability of each individual system.

Especially developed for the inspection of THT solder joints

Up to nine cameras allow a complete inspection of the solder joints from the bottom side.

'On the fly' - evaluation of the solder wave height

Evaluation of the solder wave height using the newest camera technology and image processing software. In case of deviations of the wave height, a measurement is made and the power of the solder pump is readjusted.

Individually adjustable solder pots

Two independently operating axis systems allow individual configuration of the solder pots in x, y and z direction. This allows synchronous or asynchronous soldering of assemblies.

Connecting your production line

The next generation of the SMEMA standards for horizontal communication and the next step to the Smart Factory. The HERMES standard is based on TCP/IP and XML and ensures manufacturer-independent, secure communication for the transfer of relevant product and process information within individual production lines.

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